Design Statement

Timo Joonas Jyrinki

29th of June, 1986



Master of Architecture

University of Colorado Denver, USA

May, 2016


Bachelor of Architecture

Tampere University of Technology, Finland

May 2014


Architecture is much more than just designing buildings. It is a combination of all design and art existing brought together into a functioning entity. The basic principles of a good design are the same as the principles are in any other creative profession. Successful building designers, interior designers, furniture designers, clothing designers, musicians and film makers all share the same way of thinking that the most beautiful pieces of art originate from.


A good project starts from a real pre-design phase that establishes the architectural fundamentals of the project. Things that need to be defined before thinking about the actual looks of the building are the architectural philosophy, project values, contextual approach, human experience strategy and the environmental strategy. While the building industry is strongly money driven, teaching the society about these basics of architecture becomes crucial. Who else is there to change the built world but us?


Whenever there is a design decision made it must have a reason. A complex building design will feel complicated if it doesn’t have any reasoning or logic behind. Best design decisions have multiple reasons behind them. Sustainable, structural and functional aspects can many times be combined into a one single design move. That move creates beautiful simplicity as it creates surprising and inspiring experiences for the user. If I have a problem with my design I will ask myself: Does this feature benefit the user? Is it serving just one purpose? Where does it originate from and where does it connect to?


The perfect architectural project is the one that has everything designed working together in a full harmony. From materials, lighting and spaces to door knobs and light switches and from ventilation ducts to the structural systems. When everything that the project includes has been involved since the beginning, the project will have no surprises that will come up in the end and the original idea and concept will remain strong.