Ice park

Timo Jyrinki
Architectural Design Professional Course 
Tampere University of Technology 
Instructor: Ilmari Lahdelma
Spring 2012

I wanted to include this work from the second year of my studies into my portfolio because it shows how I managed to come up with a strong design while being fairly unexperienced as a designer. It is a rough conceptual design but it has elements in it that I am proud of.


During the winter it is dark most of the time in Finland. People can enjoy only a few hours of sunlight during the day. With a 8 to 4 workshift you miss the sun completely. In the northern Finland the sun does not come up at all for months of time. There is a risk of people becoming depressed and that is why they need innovative and inspiring possibilities for activities that energize them. 


“Icepark” is a combined skating rink, café and a social gathering place in the heart of Tampere, Finland. People can come in rent a pair of skates, grab a cup of warm juice and go for a relaxing spin at the Tullintori square or just gather around the rink and listen to the DJ playing music while meeting friends and family. 



The interesting copper finished cast in place concrete shape brings an delicate and needed extra touch to the otherwise quite unsuprising city design in the area. The surrounding buildings on the sides of the square are a 100 year old brick material event center and a newer brick built apartment building. Directly facing Ice Park is a functionalistic shopping mall from the 1930´s.


The copper finish brings an interesting but complementing addition to this area. Ice Park is a sculpture with different spaces and functions inside that are colour coded with different shades of light. At the same time it is an art installation bringing joy to people passing by as it is a recreational building. 


Floors are covered with rubber coating to make interior accessible with iceskates. Restaurant with skate rent service is in the middle and the functions for customers and employees are at the opposite ends.